Human Resources

According to that the activity we attend is specific and underrepresented in Serbia, our company gives a great amount of attention to our employees and their professional education. Process of continuous learning is placed through organization of various types of couching and training, cooperation with foreign business partners, as well as through gaining formal levels of education in areas of business significance.

Today our company is especially proud of our employees who own narrow professional and rare knowledge in different business areas, which gives us the optimism regarding accomplishments of our strategic goals.

In accordance with complete business policy, which implies implementation of new technologies and knowledge, we gradually had cut down the number of employees and changed its qualification and age structure. This way the number of employees, which were 190 in year of 2004, with participation of highly educated in 25%, is reduced in about 142, with participation of highly educated in 48%, as today. Beside this, the numerous group of highly educated is the youngest at the same time, with average age of 43.

Qualification structure

Age structure